Six Lesser-Known Facts About Vehicle Locksmiths

Six Lesser-Known Facts About Vehicle Locksmiths

When you leave your keys in your car or lose them entirely, your first instinct may be to call a tow truck or the police. But vehicle locksmiths can be a more convenient option. A car locksmith does much more than open locks. Read on and find out more about car locksmiths in Delray Beach.

1) Vehicle locksmiths are more refined than ever

In the past, a car locksmith may have been someone who picked locks. But today, car locksmiths use sophisticated equipment to open locked doors and trunks. They also program transponder keys and remotes. They can work with a variety of car makes and models. If your vehicle uses keyless entry or push-button start, a car locksmith can still help you.

2) A car locksmith offers emergency services

If you are locked out during the late hours or in a remote location, do not panic. A car locksmith offers emergency services around the clock. While they may charge a higher rate for after-hours service, it is worth knowing you can get back into your car when you need to.

3) A car locksmith can make a new key for you

A car locksmith can make a new key for you if you have lost your keys. They will use your car’s VIN to create a new key that is cut to match your car’s ignition. The service is usually quicker and cheaper than going through a dealership.

4) Vehicle locksmiths can work with commercial vehicles too

It is a common misconception that auto locksmiths can work only with personal vehicles. But in reality, many car locksmiths also work with commercial vehicles. A car locksmith can help when a truck driver runs into ignition problems and experiences delays in deliveries. They have the expertise, experience, and equipment to handle any commercial vehicle lockout.

5) Auto locksmiths can remove the broken key

Sometimes, car keys may break while trying to unlock the door or start the ignition. During such testing times, trying to remove the broken key yourself can be tempting. But this can damage your car’s lock permanently. A car locksmith uses special extraction tools to remove the broken key without damaging the lock cylinder.

6) Vehicle locksmiths can fix the car ignition

A car locksmith can not only make you a new key, but they can also fix ignition problems. A car locksmith can repair your ignition if it is jammed, misaligned, or otherwise damaged. They can save you the trouble of towing your car to the mechanic.

Choosing a qualified and experienced vehicle locksmiths in Delray Beach

Choosing someone qualified and experienced is essential if you need a car locksmith. Delray Beach Locksmith offers a wide range of commercial and personal vehicle services. We use the newest tools and the most advanced techniques to quickly get you back on the road. Our locksmiths are licensed and insured. Our team also offers a satisfaction guarantee for all jobs we undertake. Call us today to find out more at 561-268-0425

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